Turnkey Plating Systems

Turnkey Plating Systems

SIFCO ASC offers turnkey plating systems that can be easily integrated into your production line.

SIFCO ASC designs customized workstations and systems to electroplate or anodize localized areas on components. Eliminate shipping costs and scheduling issues associated with using an outside vendor and let SIFCO ASC develop a custom workstation for your facilities. The innovative plating system will provide accurately controlled and consistent quality deposits and coatings with minimal operator involvement.

A typical plating system will include one or more preparatory steps prior to the application of the final deposit. Fixturing, masking and motion are determined by the configuration of the part and are engineered to meet your production objectives.

Compared to a typical tank plating line which requires large volumes of chemicals, selective plating technology significantly reduces the volume of solution required. These custom designed, self-contained systems help minimize environmental and safety concerns within your plant.

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